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I’m a nutrition coach and I got into this because I went through many years of caloric restriction, and running myself into the ground with training which left me in a very unpleasant place physically, mentally and hormonally. It was something I kept seeing everywhere and wanted to help put a stop to.

I wanted to educate people so that they understood that eating at a dangerously low caloric intake and spending hours upon hours in the gym wasn’t what they needed to do in order to make progress. 

My number one priority is the well-being of my clients. Simply put, at the end of the day, I am here for you.

You won’t find any crash diets here or any 1200 calorie days for that matter. Instead, we will work to build a better understanding of what sustainable eating looks like. Together we will navigate the ins and outs of nutrition and work towards your goals in an enjoyable way.

I wholeheartedly believe in my approach to health and wellness. The process we follow is based on one belief…we are on a lifelong journey to achieve our goals and there are no shortcuts.

Together we will celebrate the victories both big and small.

“I have noticed not only a physical change with my body but my emotional and mental health has been a positive change, I am grateful to have the help of Kristine guiding me to the next phase of my health journey.”
“I have been working with Kristine for almost 4 months now. All I can say is wow!”
“Kristine is real, raw and has helped me focus on “me” as a whole person, and not just someone defined by how many pounds I can squat.”
“She is that motivation to keep going and she is changing my life for the better. I am learning through her that my health is not a sprint, but a marathon and it’s not about how good I look in a bikini, but how good I feel from the inside out.”
“She is a coach who is 100% on your side and in your corner. She was never disappointed in me a day that we worked together, even when I was disappointed in myself. When I failed, she picked me up and encouraged me. When I succeeded, she cheered for me. She takes coaching very personally and that makes her the best there is.”
“Kristine Andali is a fantastic coach and human being. I loved my time working with her and have learned so much that I will continue to carry with me”
“She has supported me every step of the way, weekly, daily, and she has encouraged me to keep going. I have a new understanding of how much hormones are affected by the stresses we put on ourselves through eating, working out and unrealistic expectation.”
“Kristine has kept me accountable and motivated throughout my journey, I truly can’t thank her enough! She’s not only a beauty nutritionist/coach but a friend as well!! Work with this woman, you won’t regret it!! 10/10 would recommend”
“Working with Kristine has been a top-notch experience. I first was excited to work with her because I knew she was someone who practiced what she preached and very much worked to be a mentor and example in the space of nutrition and wellness.”
“She is going to do everything she can to put the credit back on you when you see success, being their as a guide and letting you glorify in the changes you make.”
“She will help you instill lifelong habits, rituals if you will, to bring the success you are looking for in creating a long term identity that goes far beyond food.”
“Career, family, stress tends to add up and you forget that you still need to focus on yourself as much as everyone around you.  I hired Kristine to help me get back to the basics and hold me accountable.”

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