I think it’s important that we stop demonizing certain foods. The only time these “bad” foods are actually that bad for you is when they dominate your nutrition.

If you’re nourishing your body with whole nutrient-dense foods first, then allowing yourself to eat the “bad” foods sometimes, it’s TOTALLY ok.

It’s important to find that middle ground between being too rigid and being too flexible. If you’re too rigid you’ll go crazy, and if you’re too flexible; well then, you may not see the progress you’re looking for. There’s got to be a little give and take here.

So often the reason why we “fall off the rails” is that we have it embedded in our brain that we’re not allowed to have certain foods and then we restrict, restrict, restrict. Then when you do end up eating them, you go overboard, then the feelings of failure come, then you give yourself the “I messed up” excuse and you continue on. When really, you did nothing wrong in the first place.

If you would just allow yourself to incorporate them and look at them as PART OF your nutrition then there’s no feeling of restriction, failure, or shame. It just becomes part of the process.

Just as one workout doesn’t define you, one meal doesn’t define you either, and remember, there is no such thing as pass/fail but only opportunities to learn. We are in this for the long haul and there is no finish line.