When you start tracking your macros or make changes to your diet these 3 things come into play. It really becomes a balancing act.

Being too focused on accuracy you will lose some of your flexibility, and lets be honest you will definitely lose some of your sanity and that shits going to be pretty tough to follow. Chasing down every little piece of food to hit your macros on the dot every moment of your life is not a sustainable way to do it. You will inevitably burn out and lose your consistency.

How accurate you should be really comes down to how consistent you need to be in order to reach the goal you’re after. Difference goals = different levels of accuracy but one thing always remains the same, they all require consistency.

I talk about this with my clients a lot. The more accurate you are the more consistent you will be for the time being, you’ll hit your targets, and achieve your goal, but it can come with stress and negatively impact LONG TERM consistency. On the other side of the spectrum, if you’re too flexible, then that can also negatively impact consistency and result in not reaching your goal.

If you want long term success, figuring out the right amount of flexibility is really important. It has to align with your lifestyle and goals.